Friday, 26 March 2010

Who Here Likes Justin Bieber?

I was on the Internet a few days ago and I ran into some Justin Bieber pictures and I thought he looked cute. And then, I found a picture of him. Look at this… not him, look at  what it says underneath


Funny huh? Well…. what do you think? I think its cute.

I also found this video from when he broke his leg on stage… take a look…

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Cast Away

Last week, my friend Shanice and I were In PE, playing b-ball (basketball). She kicked the ball which accidentally flew into my right hand/wrist.

Immediate Pain! I didn’t know I could see stars in the daylight! (^_~)

When I came home from from school, my mom took me to A&E. They did not know if my hand was broken but I still got a cast anyway. It’s painful and I have to be fed.

It’s a pain in a lot of ways since I can’t do much. I can’t wait for the cast away!