Friday, 3 December 2010

A Poem Against Bullying…


I wrote this poem for anti-bullying week at my school.

Bullying MUST Stop!

Sitting down and screaming, crying and yelling OUT LOUD! Trying to make my parents proud, looking up at the sky I wish to die.

A single tear falls from my face, Do they hate, hurt, ignore and punch me because of my race?

Why does it hurt? Is there a lesson to be learnt? Why can’t they leave me alone and let me be free?

I sit in my room all alone, I feel hurt and shaken to the bone. I open my curtain and window and see the moon, I remember last spring when I was happy, not just to see the flowers bloom.

I walk down to the kitchen, and open a drawer, not wanting any more. I roll up my sleeve and make a dot. With a bright red pen.

I take a knife and push down, I felt my body fall to the ground. I hear my mother calling for me, don’t worry I’m finally free.

The stab felt like a bite; seconds later, there was no light…


Don’t go thinking that I really wanted to kill myself! I know my daddy was concerned when he first read it! He thought that his daughter needed a psychiatrist!

Poor Jumbie…

For all of you who don’t know, my daddy is the famous blog writer of JUMBIE’S WATCH. (His name is not actually Jumbie by the way!)

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Student 0872856/1 said...

I think you did a great job to let people know how bullying can hurt other people.